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Fotoklub Čakovec is announcing landscape photography workshop for June, 15th. 2013. Only extremely bad weather will be reason to postpone the workshop. Light rain will not be a problem.

In the hart of Gorski kotar region, near picturesque Skrad, there is nature reserve Zeleni vir.

Prikaz veće karte

‘Zeleni vir’ (345 m) is as strong source located at the bottom of a shallow cave at the foot of a seventy meters high cliff. A cliff that is very colorful and along which, like a white curtain, falls the stream and sprinkles the cave’s entrance with thousands of water drops. The source was named after the emerald-green water of the small lake whose source in the cave cannot be seen. The waters of the lake, through a small dam, enter into an underground channel that brings the water up to the water power-plant built in 1921, which is the first water power-plant built in Gorski kotar.

Among the natural beauties, which are abundant in the area of Skrad, ‘Vrajži prolaz’ (Devil’s passage) is truly peculiar. It is one of the most beautiful Croatian canyons full of wild, romantic beauty. Through a narrow gorge, barely two meters wide, among rocks that are close to a hundred meters high, murmurs the mountain stream Jasle. Above the stream, on supports cut into the rock, galleries and bridges have been made for excursionists. All around there are steep cliffs and below one’s feet rumbles the foamy stream. You can only imagine how an excursionist feels… The path among the noisy elements ends at the foot of the cave ‘Muževa hiša’ where long ago the inhabitants used to hide before the Turks. An ample hallway, 200 m long, leads you into the depth of the cave, at which end there is a small hall with a lake. In the cave there are a few stalagmites and stalactites.

In this beautiful ambient, we are organizing one day workshop. We will learn how and when to use wide angle lens and when to use other lenses. How to use ND filters, GND filters, polarizing filter. If weather permits, we’ll show use of infrared filter too. With all that, we will show you how to properly use tripod. Although technical perfection in photography is important, the vision is even more so. We will strive to teach you how to feel and see the light, composition, contrast and other visual elements of photography.

Workshop plan:

9:00 – 10:00 We will meet at  the lodge Zeleni vir, meet each other  give first instructions and answer first questions

10:00 – 12:00 – Muževa hiša (cave), Vražji prolaz (Devil’s passage canyon). First will walk trough the canyon towards the cave and spend around half an hour there, afterwards we will photograph details in the creek in the bottom of the canyon, and the details in canyon.

12:00 – 13:00 – lunch break

13:30 – 15:30 – waterfall, Zeleni vir spring

15:30 – 17:00 – Lake near the power plant

17:00 – 18:30 – conversation about location, evaluation of photos of the participants, say farewell

We will try to stick to this schedule, but in the agreement with participants, we can stay longer or shorter on particular places

Location, and what will we photograph:

1. Cave Muževa hiša – inside of the cave, entrance to the cave, silhouettes




2. Vražji prolaz(Devil’s pass) – cascades – from wide frames to details (rocks and stones), using polarizing filter and ND filter. We’ll be photographing paths (leading lines, wide angle, details, flora, difference between different focal length, point of view )





3. Waterfall near Zelenog vira – We will show how to capture whole waterfall, how to include something in first plan, play with different positions and compositions(wide angle lens/vertical panorama) waterfall details – telephoto lens, only waterfall in photo, include greenery in photo





4. Zeleni vir (spring) – From the dam, we will make photos of the inside of the cave and waterfall from different side, (we will learn how to deal with great dynamic range of the scene, use of GND filters and polarizer)




4. Lake with little waterfal  near the power plant – waterfall, lake, relfektions, panoramas, details, all lens and filters that we already mentioned



5. Details and architecture in landscape
-we will photograph flora and fauna, and buildings of power plant and the lodge







How it will go:

Number of participants is 10 max and 5 minimum. At every spot workshop leaders will make short introduction. At any moment, workshop leaders will be at disposition to participants for any questions they might have.

Price of workshop is  70€ ,  with included entrance fee for reserve and welcome drink in the lodge. Down payment of  30€ is required to reserve your spot. Payment is required at least three days before workshop starts.
Pay it to paypal:


If the workshop should be postponed we will make an effort to reschedule new date. If we will not agree about new date, we will make full refund.
Cancellation by participant: We can try to arrange new date of workshop, transfer your spot to other person, or refund you your down payment. But, only if canceled at least three days before date of workshop! In any other case we will not return the money!

Price of transport to the Zeleni vir is not included, participants should arrange their own transport, food and drink.
Needed equipment:
-at least advanced prosumer compact camera (with manual commands), DSLR or film SLR.

– good tripod

– lens: from wide angle to telephoto

– photo filters (ND, GND, polarizing)  are good to have

We expect you know your way around the camera and basic photographic principles (ISO, aperture, exposure )

It is advisable to photograph in RAW+JPG combination so we can evaluate photos on the end of workshop

For photographing under the waterfall we advise to water proof your equipment to avoid damaging it due to water entering in to camera/lens.
Battery torch is needed to photograph in the cave.

Clothes and shoes:
Make your clothes appropriate for moderate physical effort and water proof. It’s easy to get wet under the waterfall. We advise to bring rubber boots to photograph from the creek and lake. In the cave the temperature is only 8 degrees C, so warm clothes are required for longer stay.

Although all locations are close and accesible, it is a place that can be wet and slippery, and we can climb several tens of meters on paths or stairways. We will walk on the edges of the canyon on the height as high as 20 meters or so. We require caution from the participants to avoid any accident for their own and the safety of people around them. By attending this worshop you are agreeing that participants are responsible for their own actions and that workshop leaders and/or Fotoklub Čakovec cannot and will not be responsible in any way for any damage or injury that might happen during the workshop!

Register here:

See more photos from the workshop!


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